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First Trailer for “Ikiam”

Simone Francis, Project Director of Nomadic Hands, has been hard at work in post-production on Ikiam, a documentary I worked on with her in Ecuador earlier this year.  She has just released the first trailer for the film.

YouTube Preview Image

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Meet Jimmy Angel

I was in Las Vegas for a couple of days last week to work on a documentary about Jimmy Angel, the 60s pop idol best known for the song “Teenagers in Love”.  Discovered and popularized with the help of the infamous Colombo crime family in New York, he later fled to Japan when the FBI wanted him for questioning.  There he resided for over two decades, singing and performing to packed houses of fans during his time there.  In 2008 Mr. Angel returned to the United States, and currently lives in Las Vegas where he performs once a week at the Thunderbird Lounge at the Aruba Hotel & Spa.

During breaks in our interview taping I managed to snap a few photos of Mr. Angel.  The other photos feature his manager Gloria, Gloria’s daughter Punky, and a bartender at the Thunderbird Lounge named Spooky.

More info on Jimmy Angel.

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The Faces of Comic-Con

Taken over two days at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

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