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Beach Shoot: Derek & Gelsey

One of the tougher shoots I’ve done this summer.  The sun was fierce and unforgiving, I dropped my pricey Canon 580EX flash and AlienBee CyberSync wireless trigger in the water, some 12-year-old lifeguard made us leave Laguna Beach because we didn’t have a permit (we moved to Little Corona).

On the plus side, Derek (mode), Gelsey (model) and Aubrey (makeup) were an absolute joy to work with and their terrific attitude under difficult working conditions kept me motivated.  In the end, it was more than worth it.

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Iranian Election Protesters Gather in Irvine, California

A large gathering of protesters, voicing their dissent at the disputed Iranian presidential election results, assembled at a busy intersection near my home today.  I stopped by with my camera to shoot some photos.

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