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Mount Elbert, Colorado

Hiked all the way to the summit of Mount Elbert, Colorado, this past weekend with my friends Jay and Rayfield.  Never thought I’d be able to complete a trek like this so it felt amazing to complete the entire trail.

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Bocas del Toro, Panama

Haven’t had the chance until now to post photos from a trip to Panama last Christmas/New Year’s.

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Joshua Tree National Park

Images from a recent camping trip in Joshua Tree National Park, California.

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In and Around Sydney

A few pics from my trip to Sydney back in October.

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Its nickname is “Las Vegas of the East”, but considering it now surpasses Las Vegas in gaming revenue, I’m thinking it would be more apt to call Vegas the “Macau of the west.”  Step outside of the casinos though, and you’ll find a city that vividly blends its Chinese roots with its former Portuguese colonial heritage.

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Modelling Shoots: Hong Kong & Sydney

It was a blast taking my recently-acquired fashion/glamour photography hobby on the road, working with Abhay in Hong Kong (along with fantastic makeup artist Charles) and Cara in Sydney.  Everyone was so wonderful to work with, just really friendly, talented and creative.

Yes, it’s fun pretending to be an international fashion photographer.

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I’ve been really bad about keeping this site updated these past few months, but I’m gonna try and throw up a bunch of new galleries before the end of the year, starting with pictures from my trip to Taiwan back in September.

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Beach Shoot: Derek & Gelsey

One of the tougher shoots I’ve done this summer.  The sun was fierce and unforgiving, I dropped my pricey Canon 580EX flash and AlienBee CyberSync wireless trigger in the water, some 12-year-old lifeguard made us leave Laguna Beach because we didn’t have a permit (we moved to Little Corona).

On the plus side, Derek (mode), Gelsey (model) and Aubrey (makeup) were an absolute joy to work with and their terrific attitude under difficult working conditions kept me motivated.  In the end, it was more than worth it.

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Fashion and Glamour Photography: Ashley & Mike

Select images from a shoot I did last Tuesday with Ashley and Mike.  Special thanks to Tom for the use of his amazing studio and Natalya for her terrific makeup work.

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Jimmy Angel in Memphis

Just got back home from a four-day shoot in Memphis, Tennessee, where we were continuing the documentary project on 60s singer Jimmy Angel.  Jimmy was born and raised in Memphis.  It was his first time back in his home town in over thirty years.  We toured the city with him as he visited old haunts, met up with old friends, and reminisced about growing up in the shadow of Elvis Presley.

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