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First Trailer for “Ikiam”

Simone Francis, Project Director of Nomadic Hands, has been hard at work in post-production on Ikiam, a documentary I worked on with her in Ecuador earlier this year.  She has just released the first trailer for the film.

YouTube Preview Image

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Snapshots from Ecuador

I recently returned from a month-long trip to Ecuador to film a documentary entitled Ikiam, about oil exploitation in the Amazon rainforest. The project was organized by an Australian non-profit organization called Nomadic Hands.  A large portion of my time in Ecuador was spent deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon, living with the Shiwiar indigenous peoples in a community called Juyuintza.

Suffice to say, it was an extraordinary and transformative experience and I am looking forward to writing more about it soon, but in the meantime I wanted to share some photos taken over the course of my month in South America.

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